Rachel. (dirrtyjersey) wrote in boys_like_girls,

I'm pretty sure that BLG's myspace was just hacked, or somebody else was on it. Because some bulletins were posted that are pretty strange. The first one said, "We're on! Talk to us!" The second one said "Fans! Stop messaging us, thanks." And then the last one said this:


By 'stop messaging us', we meant don't message us anymore.
We're bombarded by messages constantly, don't hate on us because we don't want nor have time to talk to ALL of you. Yes, OUR fans buy our cds and shirts and jackets etc, but thats because the media shoves it down your throat to make you believe that we actually produce music worth listening to. Don't reply to this because all you're going to get is a 'read' message.

I can't tell if that's one of them or not. Parts do and don't. It's kind of weird, and if it actually is them, I'm kinda bummed about it. Cause it's just not cool. :/

You guys beat me to posting the bulletin, since my computer is slow. I knew it was a hacker :]

hey so we just got back from playing an amazing show at the house of blues in new orleans....and get back to a myspace full of hate! we are sorry for he hacking and the "stop messaging us" posts, etc. our password has been changed and we still love you and dont want to kill you. promise <3

hope to see you at a show soon
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