January 4th, 2007


a story to share

Today in art I was talking about bands I like to the girls sitting at my table. And one of them works at CVS in my little town. And she's like "One of the guys in that band used to work here. He put a thank you to my boss in the cd booklet and stuff." and I'm like HMM really? Our little town of Medfield? So I thought about it on my bus ride home, and realized that it's probably true.. because I remember maybe last year seeing a guy in there with blonde hair that was covering his face, and he was in an aisle and I saw him and I'm like hmm, he must not be here because I'm good with faces & I remember he had piercing and it seems like no one has any here.

SO I get home, and I message him on myspace, and guess what.. he did.

It's no big deal, but it's a small world. Even though his home town's like 15 minutes from here. Whatev.

Thought I'd share.