January 10th, 2007


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Hey! My name is Nicky Numbers, but you can just call me Nicky. I'm new here, but I've liked BLG since last June. I saw them with ATL and I was one of the only ones singing along. I felt special. I was going to roadtrip 3 hours to see them in Feb., but then I found out they're coming back to my city. On March 19. I can't wait. My favorite song is Heels Over Head. I also hope to get a picture with all of them. I have pictures with Martin, Bryan and Paul. I really need to get one with John, but I'd like updated ones with the others.

So, I forgot to mention where I live. I live in Virginia Beach, Virginia. So, does anyone live in this area or am I representing the community all by myself here. I hope you guys accept me into your group. I love people who love the same music as me.

Also, I have a couple pictures I'd like to shareCollapse )