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Boys Like Girls -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
Boys Like Girls

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Happy Dance! [Thu Feb 8, 2007. 11:42AM]
"Hellogoodbye, Phantom Planet and Boys Like Girls will be touring together in April. YAY!"

11 minutes to midnight | make the great escape

I'm just full of posting news that I've read today haha [Thu Feb 8, 2007. 6:07PM]
Boys Like Girls made it to the next round on the Spin.com Artist of the Year! Now I know some of you are going to be torn between them and Cute Is What We Aim For..but really, there is no competition! haha I'm just kidding I love the Cuties too. But in all seriousness…Vote for BLG <3

4 minutes to midnight | make the great escape

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