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Boys Like Girls -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
Boys Like Girls

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SPIN.com Artist of the Year - round 3! [Thu Feb 15, 2007. 6:37PM]
BLG made it through to round three! :)
Keep voting for them. They're up against Envy on the Coast - a hard decision for some of you, I know :\ - buuuut things like this happen.

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[Thu Feb 15, 2007. 7:34PM]

So, as BLG get bigger by the day, i've decided to give an Australian Fans Group/Street Team a go.

Hopefully we can promote the boys and have them heard! I've been working on getting the music out there by emailing radio stations, wearing my tee all the time, telling friends and such.

Though to be honest, i kinda want them to be our little secret, i figure thats just my selfishness showing through. They deserve everything!

So...Australian Fans and anyone else whos interested: http://www.myspace.com/aus_blg

Thanks guys!
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[Thu Feb 15, 2007. 11:18PM]

those are really pretty :]
i can't wait for the full videos so we can rip the audio mannn.

ps. columbus show was insane. these guys are getting huge.
even though i do have mostly mixed feelings about it, i love it. :]
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