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Boys Like Girls -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
Boys Like Girls

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spin artist of the year [Mon Feb 26, 2007. 9:10PM]

i so did not expect them to go this far, but that's amazing for them. yes? yes.
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hellogoodbye posted this as a bulletin. [Mon Feb 26, 2007. 11:54PM]

i can't say too much right now, i probably shouldn't even be talking about it... its nowhere near perfected, but we're goin' out in all of april and may all around the us and canada. and we're bein' careful to hit hit up lots of strange little cities that don't get a lot of love, so check back to see if we'll be hittin' you up.

a few confirmed shows:
April 5th - bakersfield ca @ the dome
April 6th - los angeles ca @ the wiltern
April 7th - san francisco ca @ the warfeild
April 8th - reno nv @ new oasis

more dates and info and secret hack codes and special recipes announced soon...

xo, forrest
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