February 28th, 2007


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so i'm posting this entry from my cell phone, but as of right now i am uploading the ipod format version of the great escape for download and it will be up in like, 2 minutes when it's down. I was just really excited so i though i'd post now hahaha

PLEASE COMMENT IF YOU TAKE. because i'll be posting it at other places as well, so i want a rough estimate of how many people take this!!

:) :) :)

EDITTTTTTTTT. not that anyone has even read it yet :) :) :)



i am presuming you know how to use filesharing sites, if you don't then you are stupid. :)
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Two Months of Spring Break tour '99'

Dates beginning April 5th to May 8th will include Hellogoodbye, Boys Like Girls and The Hush Sound. The remainder of the tour’s line-up will be Hellogoodbye, Boys Like Girls and The Rocket Summer.

The following dates and venues are confirmed:

Thu/4-5 Bakersfield, CA The Dome
Fri/4-6 Los Angeles, CA The Wiltern
Sat/4-7 San Francisco, CA The Warfield
Sun/4-8 Reno, NV New Oasis

The following cities have been confirmed with more to come:

Tue/4-10 Vancouver, BC
Thu/4-12 Calgary, AB
Fri/4-13 Edmonton, AB
Sat/4-14 Saskatoon, SK/Regina
Sun/4-15 Winnipeg, MB
Wed/4-18 Montreal, QC
Thu/4-19 Toronto, ON
Mon/4-23 Hartford, CT
Thu/5-3 Holyoke, MA
Fri/5-4 Hampton Beach, NH
Sat/5-5 Bamboozle
Sun/5-6 Boston, MA
Wed/5-9 Washington DC
Thu/5-10 Cincinnati, OH
Fri/5-11 Cleveland, OH
Sat/5-12 Detroit, MI
Sun/5-13 Chicago, IL
Tue/5-15 Minneapolis, MN
Wed/5-16 Fargo ND
Thu/5-17 Omaha, NE
Tue/5-22 Atlanta, GA
Wed/5-23 Jacksonville, FL
Thu/5-24 Orlando, FL
Fri/5-25 Tallahassee, FL
Sat/5-26 New Orleans, LA
Sun/5-27 Houston, TX
Tue/5-29 Dallas, TX
Wed/5-30 Oklahoma City, OK
Fri/6-1 Phoenix, AZ
Sat/6-2 Anaheim, CA
Sun/6-3 Anaheim, CA
Mon/6-4 Anaheim, CA

Found here: http://www.drivenfaroff.com/2007/02/27/two-months-of-spring-break-tour-99/

Aaaaah, damn them for having the three Anaheim dates on the SAT day and right before my finals :[ Guess that means I'll have to put up with The Wiltern...bleh.
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