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Boys Like Girls -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
Boys Like Girls

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rip the audio please? [Fri Mar 2, 2007. 12:16PM]
is there anyway anyone could rip the audio from these acoustic performances please? and if possible could you just rip the song without the interview? thanks!

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so final 4 voting has ended... [Fri Mar 2, 2007. 4:01PM]
[ mood | happy ]

and the results are in

boys like girls won thier section of the round and are in the final round against the rewinds!!!!!

good job voting all.... lets keep it up and make them the winners!!!

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we need your help [Fri Mar 2, 2007. 9:43PM]
so! its ally AND samie posting. together. a joined post of sorts!
anyway, we're in a predicament and we need your help.
we will be in PA the night of the boys like girls show. we dont have tickets because ticketmaster screwed up and sent us tickets to the 18th so! we need tickets to the the 17th show and we're willing to do ANYTHING to get them except pay 100 dollars because thats stupid.

BUT we will pay double what you paid. so please help us out.
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Salt Lake [Fri Mar 2, 2007. 10:18PM]
Was anyone else there? Was it not the best show ever!!! Seriously Cartel Sucked. Anyways I'll get my two videos posted to youtube but I just thought I would post a little recap of the show. EVERYONE around me was singing their hearts out Martin said (might be a little off but pretty close) "salt lake city is the best fucking crowd we've had on this fucking tour I'm not fucking around either it isn't something that I say every night" he probably does say it every night but I really thing he meant it because I thought the crowd reacted more to Boys Like Girls than Cartel.

They had to take 1 song out of their set because of a Gay Club thing called "Gossip" after the show  so yeah that sucked but at the end of the last song (which I can't think of at the moment) Martin jumped out into the crowd it was awesome. I almost had a picture and than My hand got knocked by a crowd surfer and the next minute he was getting back up onto the stage.

Another moment I loved was during Thunder a girl was calling her friend on her phone and Martin asked for it and started singing in it. That was so awesome.

I want them to stop here with Hellogoodbye. I would buy a ticket just to see them (and the other opening band)


okay so 1 video is uploaded and I'm waiting on the other, but than there is always that time you have to wait in order to see them. Anyways I'll give you the link to thunder.
here is five minutes to midnight
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