March 8th, 2007



Hey everyone, my name is Jenny anddd of course, like all of you lovely people, I love the guys, their music, etc. etc. So down to what I really am posting this blog about. I'm going to do a sort of mini-fan project, and I really want as many people involved as possible. I know people stray away from these because they're sometimes tedious or expensive or lame. But this is what I can promise you about it without giving it all away.

  • You won't have to spend any money on it!
  • You won't have to spend TOO much time on it, (unless you're a perfectionist? haha)
  • It will turn out really cute.

Well, since secrecy is obviously the key here, email me at and I'll email you the rest of the details! :] :]

Thanks guys,

Ps. Sorry if the short length of this seems sketchy, it really is not!