March 23rd, 2007

3/22/07; Jannus Landing, St. Pete

Last night was by far the best night of my life ever. The boys rocked it out with an awesome set! The crowd was amazing too. I think Bryan even said that we were the 'best fucking crowd' they've ever played for.
My friends and I left during Cartel's set and went to look for the boys, and we met Paul, John, and Bryan! it was pretty much amazing, even though we couldn't find martin.

and Paul is such a sweetheart. My friend's sister's friend's dad (say that 5 times fast!) went to get her shirts signed by the boys, and he told Paul, "If you sign this shirt, I'll be the best dad in the whole world."
Paul says, "No, you'll be the 2nd best, right after my dad."

i'll post pictures up later... if i remember... because i'm not exactly at home right now. ha.

edit; sorry this is long. but i just remembered that my friend and i almost got in a fight over paul'sjohn's drumstick. haha. he threw it and i thought i caught it but then these three kids behind me grabbed it too and we were playing tug of war for a while. these two other guys tried to help me, but then this girl told us to stop. =(
but my friend did find one of their picks on the ground. haha.

edit; sorry. i knew that john played the drums. i guess i was just thinking about paul too much. =P
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