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Boys Like Girls -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
Boys Like Girls

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The Wiltern [Sat Apr 7, 2007. 11:04AM]
[ mood | good ]

OH MY GOD THEY WERE SO EFFING AMAZING. This was when the pit started getting really rowdy. For A Cursive Memory and The Hush Sound, the pit was relatively calm. Actually, I've never been in a pit with more violent fans before... They have dedicated fans, I guess haha. I dunno if I ever wanna be in a pit with you guys ever again :P Afterwards, Martin came out to take pictures and sign autographs, but it was too crowded...couldn't get through :[

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yesterday, [Sat Apr 7, 2007. 2:03PM]
saw the boys once again at the wiltern. let me just say, they never disappoint. i got a guitar pick and they remembered me :D

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