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Boys Like Girls -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
Boys Like Girls

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UK / edited [Sun Apr 29, 2007. 9:46PM]
[ mood | excited ]

So tomorrow i'm going to see boys like girls for the first time.
they're playing the barrowland ballroom in Glasgow(where i live),
supporting all american rejects, and i was just wondering, have they ever played over in the uk/Scotland before?
And also, hellogoodbye are supporting aswell tomorrow.
i was wodnering if anyone had any idea of which band would be on first,
because if boyslike girls are on stage first, then theres a change i might miss them :/
but i'll try my damn best not to, i've been looking forward toseeing them for ages.

Okay, so today is the day of the gig, and i haven't heard anything back about being on the guestlist.
And i have just found out the show is SOLD OUT.
And my friend that im supposed to be going with, is no longer going.
so, im going alone, and i only hope i can get a ticket outside (i know its a really bad thing to do, but i have to see them lol) 
I was wondering if theres any glasgow fans on this community, other than me
who are going tonight, and may possibly have a spare ticket i could buy.
If not, and i get a ticket outside or do get geustlisted, i shall go in, watch boys like girls, get some merch and then leave.
I'm so sad now.

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