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Boys Like Girls -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
Boys Like Girls

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Gee-tar [Tue May 1, 2007. 5:10PM]

Hi so I was wondering if anyone has the guitar chords (or knows where to find them) for Heels Over Head, The Great Escape, and On Top of the World. I've found tabs for most of them, but I suck at reading tabs....

Oh and, the intro to Hero/Heroine, for some reason I can't find the intro anywhere.

Thanks in advance, hopefully =D

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:] [Tue May 1, 2007. 5:50PM]
i posted yesterday about the glasgow gig.
everything turned out well. i got geustlisted, and a plus one.
so me and my friend went.
it was really awesome.

here's some pictures at the gig/venue.
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