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Boys Like Girls -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
Boys Like Girls

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this pretty much made my day [Mon Jun 4, 2007. 6:28PM]

I have heard some poeple say they have heard BLG being played on the radio but I havent gotten the chance to hear it played on any popular  stations, so while driving home about five minutes ago I tune to the popular boston station 92.3 and what do I hear? The great escape of course. I'm pretty sure my exact reaction was " *high pitched scream* MOM! ITS BOYS LIKE GIRLS! THEY'RE ON THE RADIO. OH MY GOSH!" I'm sure I'm extremely behind on this but it made me soooooooo excited aha.

Also, the radio announcer said they would play blg more tonight if people call in and request it so if you live in the area and get the station 92 pro fm. then give them a call and request the great escape :D

7 minutes to midnight | make the great escape

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