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Boys Like Girls

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[Tue Aug 7, 2007. 12:00AM]
Warped Tour, Old Bridge NJ 8/5

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Warped Tour, Englishtown New Jersey, 8-5-07 [Tue Aug 7, 2007. 10:23PM]
[ mood | awake ]

I was on vacation this past week and a half and I hapened to be in NY when Warped rolled around however the Long Island show sold out 5 minutes before we got there. Somehow we convinced my aunt to take us to Jersey for the next show.

I was stoked to see BLG since I missed a small show in Gainesville due to chem lab that night, and then I had to leave the Miami warped show early cause of that massive storm. So I guess 4th times a charm huh?

A whole bunch of pics under the cutCollapse )

I gotta say this, the fans in that crowd were awesome. Especially those around me who convinced that little girl to stay in the pit even though some chick threatened to beat her up for telling her politely to stop shoving everyone. So kudos to everyone for being so awesome. The boys' performance totally made that little girl's day, you could tell.

Also if anyone could tell me the set I would love you. My cousin and I left after 4 songs to catch the end of All Time Low's set. We saw Minutes to Midnight, Hero/Heroine, Dance Hall Drug and another one which I'm blanking on right now

They boys put on such a great show

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warped video [Tue Aug 7, 2007. 10:31PM]
here's a video i took at the philly show on august 3rd.
it's heels over head.

being sidestage was fun. nice not to get kicked in the head by crowdsurfers at warped. =]
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