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Boys Like Girls -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
Boys Like Girls

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[Fri Aug 10, 2007. 2:10PM]
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oh and happy birthday jkeefe! :]
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8/4 NY Warped and 8/5 NJ Warped pictures! [Fri Aug 10, 2007. 6:32PM]
[ mood | Sunburned ]

Hey everyone, I'm Shannon, and I'm new here! I was at Warped on Saturday and Sunday, so I have a few pictures from those days. BLG were so good at Warped, I had seen them a few times before, and they were wonderful, just like they always are!

There is only one picture from Saturday because I was working for To Write Love On Her Arms and took a break to watch Forever the Sickest Kids and happened to walk past BLG's set so I caught the end of it, but a bunch from Sunday because they were the first band that my friends and I were able to catch because we were stuck in traffic for 4 hours. All of the pictures are from my photography MySpace.

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