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Boys Like Girls -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
Boys Like Girls

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[Wed Oct 3, 2007. 11:06AM]
i'm selling both my blg hoodies if anyone's interested.
both were worn once each and washed once each.
it's the old school black one & the white one with the album art.
both are a size small.
message me on myspace if you're interested. 


i was originally asking for $40 + shipping for each hoodie.
however, if interest continues to be high, i will be selling them to whoever is willing to pay the most just to make things fair.
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11/24. House of Blues. [Wed Oct 3, 2007. 5:44PM]
[ mood | content ]

I finally found this community.

Anyway, who's going to the 11/24 show?

Wanna meet up?
Do you have AIM?

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[Wed Oct 3, 2007. 10:43PM]
I can't find LJ communities for The Auditon or We The Kings, soo does anyone happen to have their setlists for this tour?!
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