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Boys Like Girls

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Toronto, November 28th. [Tue Oct 23, 2007. 4:58PM]
Since the Toronto date was rescheduled I know a few people said they possibly couldn't go, so is there anyone who has one ticket for the Toronto show who would like to sell it? A friend of mine couldn't go when it was on November 8th but now that its the 28th they can. You can either comment here, im me at tiffanyjustis, or email me at wewerexinfinite@hotmail.com.

thank you!
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From their MySpace bulletin: [Tue Oct 23, 2007. 5:03PM]
San Diego Show Cancelled Due To Fire

Due to the fires in San Diego the show tomorrow is cancelled. All tickets will be refunded at point of purchase.



My prayers go out to the people who live in San Diego and the areas surrounding it. Hope you all stay safe.

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