October 28th, 2007

  • kem691

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We are proud of this record. We want it to be heard by as many people as possible. If more kids will hear about the record from becoming an MTV favorite than that would be amazing. Some kids dig deep for their music and that is really important to us. We love it when music is really important in people's life and they are passionate about finding new music themselves rather than having it handed to them on a platter. But I also feel like some of the same kids are selfish about their favorite bands. The second that casual music fans fall in love with the band 2 years later, they ditch that band for the next one that they can keep to themselves.

--that was said by martin in an interview. i just thought i would post that.
its lame how people are obsessing over who loved blg first. its pointless. you cant be annoyed with new people loving them, its what blg wants, and if its too much for you to handle, then you dont care about them enough. yeah teenies are annoying, but we are all the same way when we go to a blg show, we go crazy. im just saying it shouldnt matter anymore, because fame happens, and if more people start to like them, whatever; it all comes down to who will stay with them when new bands come. and if the newer fans move on, who cares, they liked them at one point. you cant get annoyed with that. im not saying it wasnt weird seeing them all over mtv for just the great escape, but i got over it. its all for them. and they deserve everything. hero/heroine is about to blow up, so they're not done yet.