October 29th, 2007

  • luud


The website is almost done, we already have a crew, but we are accepting decicaded fans who really want to be a part of it.

it will be a serious website.

after we are done with the site we will send it to BLG's MySpace, maybe they support it

dedicaded persons who have skills with HTML, design or something like that will be accept.
In case you dont have , just being dedicated is really important Laughing out loud

MSN/email: isanferr@hotmail.com
Myspace: myspace

PS: i am not Igor haha, he is a guy, is my friend :)

(no subject)

I went to the show in Seattle last night and it fucking blew my mind. They killed it. We The Kings were cool. Theaudition was amazing, and energetic as always. All Time Low was adorable and amazing and love. But BLG Unit.. was fucking insane. I am so proud of them, I can't even find the words to explain it. I've been a fan for almost two years now. I saw them back when they were a speck of dust in the music industry, and now they're blowing up. I had never seen them headline before and it was so amazing. One of the smallest venues in town. They played Let Go, and I think I died. I was in the very front, shoved up against the stage. My hips are friggen bruised but I don't care. When they played Top Of The World & Broken Man.. I had chills everywhere. I couldn't deal with it. It was too much. I forgot how much I really loved them until last night. And now I miss them even more than I did before.

I am so proud.

I'll post videos/pictures sometime soon. I don't feel like it right now.

Singing with Martin looking into your eyes is like, the best thing ever. Seriously.
After the show I waited for them until the dudes told us to leave. I NEEDED POOLIE AND JKEEFE! It's my goal to see them again. But Idkk edjfaweifjalweifjl where they were. =[

Oh yeah, and there was an instore performance that I fucking missed and I'm so pissed. I, like an idiot, got the wrong directions. How amazing am I? Not so amazing. I could have met them all and given them their braclets and fuckin' yeah. No. I suck. It's okay. Yesterday was the best.