October 31st, 2007

pete wentz snarl, vancouver, last night, tourzilla, blah blah

*we* is my friend daisy and i. we dressed up as bunnies. if you were there, there is a 90% chance that you noticed us in some way at some point.

we got to the venue at 4:30 and immediatly got in a fight. i like to think that it wasn't our fault because honestly, we're not often on anyones bad side and these girls were really not cool. anyway.
we went to the back alley and met alex! (all time low)Collapse )

then we danced to the sound of valencia's sound check. i knocked on the door and we kind of got in trouble. or at least an evil eye from some dude in BLG. my bad.

went back around, met merch guy for valencia (BQ) (v. v. awesome) and brendon! (valencia)Collapse )

then my friend loses my ticket, i need to buy a new one, i get grumpy, almost leave, get inside, meet jackCollapse )happen to be next to the previously stated bitches, got insulted and harassed, and finally...
valencia!Collapse )

really good, the set was very very short though. but alot of energy, and a good way to start the show. we asked them if they ~~loved~~ our outfits, they said yes :) i was happy and asking the bands became our new trend~

then all time lowCollapse )

blah blah, more waiting, more me being crancky, feeling like puking/passing out (all i ate was 2 apples ok), being mad at boys like girls for taking so bloody long, screaming, talking, meeting new people, etc.

then boys like <strike>boys</strike> girlsCollapse )

then we hung around the back, i slept on the floor, did cartwheels, screamed "ROCK AND ROLL! ROCK AND ROLL! ROCK AND ROLL!", lost my voice, threw a bunny tail at the stage, met some people.

and then met a couple band guys outside. and were the cool kids we are.Collapse )

santi! riot! tru luv! fangs up!
have an amazing halloween, fans of all time low, boys like girls and/or valencia!