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Boys Like Girls -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
Boys Like Girls

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order of songs [Sun Nov 4, 2007. 4:57PM]

i know the setlist has been posted here before.
but in what order are the songs played? that's what i'm looking for. 
i've already been to my date [10/26], but i would still like the info for something.

EDIT : does anyone know how to flip a video? i filmed a video at tourzilla but it's sideways. ha.
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aaaaah [Sun Nov 4, 2007. 4:58PM]
hero/heroine is premiering tuesday 11/6 on TRL. nksaffnjdsanfk im excited :D i heard the video and the re-mastered version of hero/heroine is phenomenal. i just hope they play the entire video, trl sometimes shortens the new videos :[
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[Sun Nov 4, 2007. 9:21PM]

im making a shirt
and does anyone have a good sized picture of the paint drip thingy
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