November 6th, 2007

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 okay so you know how BLG are doing that nokia in-store thing (if you dont know what im talking about theres info there>>>  )  well i was wondering if you needed to buy tickets for it, cause i cant find the place to if you need to, it says something bout tickets but im soo confuesedd??
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I was wondering if anyone had any extra tickets to the 11/23 show at The Palladium in Worcester?
I'm quite desperate.
Thanks, bbs!


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what the FUCK?
avril lavigne :| ????????????

i am so confused. not going to lie.

for those of you who weren't just watching trl, apparently they're going on tour with avril lavigne after they go to the uk. :|
i hope that martin is lying :|
isn't she pregnant, anyway?
wtf. just wtf.

edit! the video is fucking beautiful, imo. oh my god. <3 what do you guys think?


so the boys were just on TRL for the west coast and i am curious to know why paul doesn't talk.. haha and as for the video... i mean i like the great escape better but it wasn't awful.. what did all of you think?

and i liked that they filmed it in boston also.

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alright this is my first post in this community.
tbh, i've never been on here because i never knew they had a community. and i've been a fan of them since about a couple months after they became a band because i live close to boston. i love the attention they've been given lately, but i still miss the old days. this information is completely pointless, i just wanted to say it and let you know.

anyways, this is a video i took of them at the palladium earlier this year on march 16th. and i wanted to share it because at about :25 martin points at me. and when he did i had a little teen girl moment.
has he or any of the other guys pointed at you before?

if this type of post isn't allowed or it's pointless, then i will delete. i don't know the 'rules' in this community.


OK so I recorded TRL but for some reason, it recorded this show and I don't even know what it was...but it was on MTV. ANYWAY...when the video of BLG at TRL surfaces, can someone post it here?
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hey, I never do shit like this, however, desperate times call for desperate measures.

My ride fell through for the Milwaukee Tourzilla stop on Saturday, and, thankfully, a 22 year old friend offered to rent a car and drive. However, he does not have a ticket (my friend and I do) and imagine my dismay when I went to purchase a ticket but alas, it was sold out.
Basically, I need a ticket.
Thank you.

Comment this entry or IM me (my screen name is thebrightesthing) if you can help me out!