November 12th, 2007

winter coo

Let Go cover

Hey guys, I just fell in love with this song all over again after seeing BLG play it on Friday, and I've been looking everywhere for a good recording of it.  I have the acoustic version from their AOL Undercover session, but does anyone have a good recording of it from one of their live shows or anything like that? (I'll take video or audio at this point. anything at all would be wonderful!)  Or maybe anyone knows if they're planning on releasing it at all? Thanks so much for any help!
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okay, this isnt boyslikegirls related. but i wanna ask a question about american school terms, and i thought you guys are nice people and wont yell at me

okay so what happens is

we start school. feb 1st.
we have 10 weeks
then 2 weeks holidays,
then we have 10 weeks
and 2 weeks holidays
then we have another 10 weeks and 2 weeks holidays
and then we have 10 weeks again, and 6 weeks holidays [ this is for christmas. we finish december 20th)

and we start kindy and go to year 6 at primary school
and then year 7 to 12 we do at high school
in year 10, we have school certificate (big exam) and a formal
year 11. we have a formal but its fancy dress.
in year 12. theres formal, but then theres the HSC, which is like a majorly big deal

is america the same?

ryan finger


alright, i'm going to the worcester show on the 23rd and i was wondering, have they been doing signings and such a recent shows? i missed my chance last time, so i was just wondering.