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Boys Like Girls

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Mtv/Buzzworthy interview [Wed Nov 14, 2007. 10:07AM]
i know it's old but i don't think this has been posted here yet..
what's the problem with watching tv? wtf

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BoysLikeSabeek [Wed Nov 14, 2007. 5:47PM]
Hey guys,
We were recently in chicago and had an amazing oportunity to see one of our bigest fans! Sabeek wrote to the local radio station to win tickets to the House of Blues show, he won the tickets, but unfortunately due to his condition, the hospital where he is being cared for could not release him safely to the show. We heard about this and decided to bring the show to Sabeek at the childrens memorial hospital, we couldn't let him miss it! We want to wish Sabeek and his family all the best! Here's some pictures of the visit.

<3 BLG

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Pictures & Videos from Tourzilla 10/12/07 in New Orleans [Wed Nov 14, 2007. 11:23PM]
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I have many videos! And only like three pictures because our cameras died. This also meant we didn't get any pictures with them. But we gave them all hugs except John because he was busy and Paul signed one of his guitar pics for me. So yay! Please credit! However, the quality is pretty bad... The opening! Lol, sorry about the annoying screaming.

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