November 15th, 2007

  • tranma

mtv woodie awards

they won the breaking woodie and it's going to be on mtvu and tonight at 8.

also tickets for cleveland plzzz?
i'm driving 3 hours to potentially not see the show.
see you all there :]
sg » loving every minute of it


So I was lurking around and evidently BLG was on The Sauce on Fuse on November 7?
Did anybody know about this? Because I NEVER heard anything about them being on there...

Just trying to feel less stupid, haha.
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  • kem691


i know this is not BLG related, but i thought some of you would know this:
when is all time low going on tour with mayday parade? i just found out they might be coming to my town, and no bands like this come to where i actually live, its always like 2 hours away or more. haha. so im freaking out. sooo if anyone knows, it would be appreciated :]