November 23rd, 2007

Annoying Question

Eh. Sorry for this obnoxious question I'm about to ask - sorry if it's not allowed.. Feel free to delete.

Anyway, I'm driving about 4 hours to go to the AC and Philly show - and I thought I read that the the AC show's time change but I can't remember if the Philly show was changed as well..

So, I guess my lame, obnoxious questions is - what are the new times for the shows?

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Just got back from BLG's home show.
It was effing amazing (as usual).
I'm partially deaf.
I love it.
Oh and during ATL's set, Alex picked up jack and then told us he wanted to fuck everyone.
Also love it.
Yahh know, one thing thats really great about blg is how when martin sings he truly sings to every single person there.
Like, it feels like hes singing just for you and only you.
Its greatt.
Ahah excuse my post concert ramblings.