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I <3 Boston. [Sat Nov 24, 2007. 1:21PM]
I know that this is vastly off-topic and I sincerely apologize, but as it is, I don't know anywhere else where I could find a mass of Bostonians. I'm taking my first trip up to Boston next month and my friends and I are going to Tsongas (yes I know it's in Lowell) for a show.
I was wondering if anyone could tell me a bit more about the venue (by that I mean, how easy it is to meet the bands afterward, is there a diner close by, do they charge for parking, and if so how much. Those are the big questions)? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

And to keep this on topic, how many people are going to actually check out the Avril tour? I've seen her before, she's not so bad if you stick around for her, but I've heard some people protest watching BLG open for her.

I'm a very curious person.

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shameless spaming [Sat Nov 24, 2007. 9:43PM]

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please join,
and if you do. actually post stuff
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