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Boys Like Girls -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
Boys Like Girls

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totally random... [Wed Dec 12, 2007. 12:08AM]
ok so this is totally random but it is BLG related...

Does anyone know where Martin and Paul's bracelets are from?

Martin's is black and says "death"
Paul's is black as well but says "true"

Just wondering... :)
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Vote! [Wed Dec 12, 2007. 11:12PM]
Please vote for the guys. They're up against Serj Tankian.


And pass the word around as much as you can :)

The purpose of the voting/show is when an artist wins 16 times in a row, he/she gets a champion star and then at the end of the year there's the champions' championship. Voting ends on Dec. 13th at 4pm EST. There's also a way to vote multiple timesCollapse )
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