December 29th, 2007

red sox

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12/28/06 The Axis, Boston holiday show.

This was a year ago well, yesterday, considering it's midnight? Does anyone remember this show? Anyone who was there? Well, I was. I've gone through kind of a spell with Boys Like Girls, where something isn't right when I listen to them, but I rewatched this video tonight.. and I realized this band made that night one of the best of my lives, and I'll honestly never forget it.

Share any fun BLG stories, I don't care. Better yet, everyone post how you got introduced to Boys Like Girls.

A looong, long time ago my friend Kyrsten, eaturveggies92, IMed me with "OH MY GODDDD BLG HAS A NEW SONG!" Keep in mind this girl is from Michigan and I'm from Boston. I was like "Who dat?" and she sent me to their purevolume with "Their from your state, stupid.". Their new song was Dance Hall Drug and well, the rest is history. Hhaa I remember it perfectly.

your turn, kids.