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Boys Like Girls -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
Boys Like Girls

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avril tour/fargo nd [Thu Mar 20, 2008. 2:06PM]
[ mood | happy ]

I saw boys like girls 3/18 on the avril tour, and 3/19 on a stop they made in fargo, nd on a break from the avril tour.

avril set list was:
five minutes to midnight
dance hall drug
heels over head
broken man
the great escape

the set list for the show in fargo was the exact same as tourzilla. during dance hall martin did a little cover of chris brown.

here's some pictures, fargo ones, then winnpieg. i've got a lot more, but i just wanted to put a few up.
<lj-cut text=pictures of fargo, nd and winnipeg, mb>


28 minutes to midnight | make the great escape

[Thu Mar 20, 2008. 3:58PM]
A chance to win a Boys Like Girls concert for your High School!

There is a new online application, called The Wave, that allows High Schools across the country to compete for a FREE Boys Like Girls concert, sponsored by Neutrogena. The Wave has different ways to earn points and the school that earns the most points wins! Here’s how it works:

1. Click here to add the application
2. Share the application with your friends to earn even more points
3. $50 gift cards are given away each week to the top 5 users with the most points each week!
4. The high school with the most points will win a free Boys Like Girls concert - plus, the top 10 Facebook users at the winning school get to meet the band backstage!

It’s that simple, but if you have any questions you can email wave@repnation.com and someone will get back to you!
6 minutes to midnight | make the great escape

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