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Acoustic & CD Signings? [Fri Mar 28, 2008. 12:44PM]
[ mood | calm ]

Who has gone to the 3/22 and the 3/20 acoustic and cd signings at Best Buy or FYE?
I wanted to know how it's all set up since I might be going to the one in April.
Thanks. :]

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Chicago & Detroit - Avril Tour/ FYE [Fri Mar 28, 2008. 3:52PM]
I'm bored, so here's a little review...I went to the Avril Tour 3/21 in Chicago and 3/22 in Detroit. We had second row for both, which actually isn't that hard to get if you run as soon as you get inside. They did the same set list as everyone has been posting. Amazing both nights. In Chicago, Martin said The Plain White T's were there and at the end he threw his sweaty towel into the crowd after they were done. haha. I was actually kinda surprised at the number of BLG fans there...I swear like everyone in my section on the floor was wearing their shirts, not Avril's. They didn't come out after their set at either show, but I got to meet them again at the signing. They would've have been completely mobbed anyway.

Mix of pics from both nights...

pics and more...Collapse )
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