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Boys Like Girls -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
Boys Like Girls

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rumorsrumorsrumors [Mon Mar 31, 2008. 2:44AM]
so i totally peep out the community from time to time and i figured it was about time i joined and gave everyone a shout.

don't you guys worry. we may not get too much sleep. we may yawn a bit too much. we may be developing a few bags under our eyes. BUT. we are not tired of this lifestyle AT ALL and we will NEVER get tired of touring and playing shows every night for you. we have been on the road for 2 years straight without stopping and thats just how we roll. 4 best friends kickin it every night, having the time of our lives, workin our little booties off.

YES we are going out on a FULL US/CANADA HEADLINING TOUR this summer. YES it is called the soundtrack of your summer tour. NO we will not confirm the rumors about who else on the bill...you gotta wait about a month or so, but i promise you 3 bands that will blow your mind.

for those concerned for our health...love you to pieces...but worry no more. we have 1/2 of may and all of june off at home in boston...which means lots of sleep and rejuvenation...but this ain't no ordinary break. we will be spending the time off laying down demos for the new record. yes, i said it. the new record. its coming. 20+ songs are fully written and rough-demoed and 40+ ideas and pieces of songs are on the table and ready to go. after the soundtrack tour, hope to head back across seas real quick in september and then dive right into the studio this fall. which means, new music...


love every single one of you
hope to see you at the shows!

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[Mon Mar 31, 2008. 10:39PM]
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