April 16th, 2008

MTV Canada

So this morning I was watching MTV Canada before school, and they they have this MTV: e2 thing, where they talk about the latest fashions, music, and movie stars. So basically near the end of it, they aired an interview with Boys Like Girls (Bryan and John only).

They just talked about the Avril tour, and how they threw a party and Avril & Deryck went. They also talked about their days living in their van, and how they still have it. They also talked about how they played some shows and it was JUST them, and they set up the equipment themselves and stuff. John also confirmed (not like it's really new news anymore) that they will be going on a summer headlining tour. During their interview, they showed clips of the new Hero/Heroine video and The Great Escape video, as well as pictures of the band in the background. OH, and they talked about rumors or something, and Bryan was saying how he never washes his hair, and John was saying how Paul's hair wasn't straight at all and it was really curly.

I thought it was really weird how it was the first thing I saw when I opened my TV.

Oh, and John was saying Canada really funny with an accent. It amused me very much.