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Boys Like Girls -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
Boys Like Girls

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aussies join: http://boyslikegirlsau.forumh.net [Mon Apr 21, 2008. 6:40PM]
im fully aware a tour hasnt even been announced yet.
but i was told by Martin they'd be back.
and a few people where told by Paul, that they'd be back

and ive had a great idea for a present from us Australians.
but this time.. its going to cost money.(but not much!)
so if your interested add my on myspace
message me on livejournal.

and i know i didnt tell you what its actually going to be.
because i want to keep it a suprise and the band to check LJ.
so i'll tell you when you msg me or what not.

all the band need to know.
it will be given to you in sydney.
by the same girl who gave you the flag.
and i hope you love it.
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