April 30th, 2008


anyone read perez?

As we were the first to tell you….

April Lavigne "postponed" her San Diego concert tonight.

Perezious reader Jeff tells us that excessive partying could be the main reason why she can't play in San Diego this evening.

He shares with us:

"Avril and Boys Like Girls (Avril's support band) played here (in Vegas) last night at the Palms…yesterday afternoon (at a private performance before the big show) the lead singer of Boys Like Girls Martin Johnson said, "We (he & Avril) got so wasted last night in her suite." He told us how she (Avril) had a bowling alley in her suite and that they "went shot (alcohol) for shot all night long." Even at the show last night, in front of her very young audience, she claimed that she was "hung-over" from drinking so much the night before. I think that is one of the many reasons she bucked the San Diego show…"</b>

So responsible. Promoting drinking to the tweens in the audience.

April sucks!

Update: The concert is now officially "Cancelled."

Guess the promoters didn't think it'd be worth it to reschedule!

link: here.

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 hey guys!
i was just wonderring, for the show next weds which is may 7th in san jose, CA at the HP Pavillion, well i have a friend who wants to go very badly, but she cant get the money to buy the tickets since there are still floor seats available, so does anyone know of any bay area radio stations that are giving away tickets?or any other sort of contests?? or if anybody you know is selling, or giving away 2 each for less then $50? omg it would be so amazing if anyone could help us out! 

and martin if your lurking...HELP??