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Boys Like Girls

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thunder [Sat May 17, 2008. 6:37PM]
does anyone know when the Thunder video is supposed to be coming out?
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Help? [Sat May 17, 2008. 11:24PM]
Alright, so I'm really confused as to whether there's a show on the Soundtrack of Your Summer Tour in Uniondale, NY at the Nassau Coliseum or not.

I know it's listed on the poster in a post below, but the last time I checked, Good Charlotte was the only band that has the date listed on their Myspace. Also, when I checked Ticketmaster, the show wasn't listed. I even called the venue and asked if they had the show listed and the woman on the phone said that they didn't (but she didn't seem like she knew very much lol).

The next closest shows are all at least two hours away and I really want to go. So if anyone happens to have any information about this show, I would seriously appreciate it. Thanks in advance! :]
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