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Boys Like Girls

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I'd really like to know from someone else's experience.. [Tue May 20, 2008. 12:15PM]
Is it worth it to join the Hero/Herione fan club for this & future concerts?

Is there a limit to how many tickets you can buy and still get the special perks?
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[Tue May 20, 2008. 11:06PM]
I went to see There For Tomorrow thi week-end in new hampshire which i 6 hours away from me.
and it was amazing but i got the huge surprise to see Martin there too !
He was prety hamared b the end of the night but i got to talk to him for a bit !
just wanted to share,
oh and here's the pic i took with him :)

click on the thumbnail.
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6 minutes to midnight | make the great escape

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