June 19th, 2008


Yesterday, I went to the FN MTV thing to see Boys LIke Girls! The fan girl came out in me. haha, it was funny because no one around me knew who they were, considering everyone was there for Lil Wayne. It was fun being the only one screaming Soundtrack of your Summer when they started talking about touring. This girl was making fun of their Thunder music video and their music, but then towards the end, she was like "Who's the one in the white?" So we told her Paul. Then she yelled "I LOVE YOU PAUL, YOU SEXY BEAST!" People are ridiculous. Anyways, pictures! Sorry, quality's not great since it was taken on my cell phone! and sorry, i don't know how to lj-cut it!

ahh please excuse how gross i look

random! but Alex DeLeon fromThe Cab was roaming around the area