June 21st, 2008

soundtrack of my summer tour

Question: How the flip am I supposed to buy tickets.
Because I've searched high and low on Google since May for tickets for the Portland, Oregon concert on July 15th (w/Good Charlotte). Mom says I can go if they aren't too expensive (I think she said no more than $50. well gl with that.) because it's not too far away. But wth, it's either I can't find a good, decent price, or I don't know what the hell "G4" seating is because they don't have a chart to look at, or it's not even scheduled (ticketmaster).
I looked up tickets on some site, finding them for only $25, but no chart at all.
Another site had them for $73-$78, but their seating map said "Chart Coming Soon." Oh yes, that helps loads, thanks very much.
And yet another site had them up for $200 or something (no flipping thanks!) and had this shitty chart that only showed it colored in red/yellow, nothing implying that THIS is G4, thanks.
** So, could someone...maybe look up some tickets for me? That'd help loads. Plus, I'm really not sure where to buy from. Ticketmaster doesn't even have the concert scheduled, and I don't know which sites to trust. It'd really help and god, I'd love you. I really want to see them, because I haven't before. I could care less about GC, tbh. :)
Where did YOU get your tickets from?
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