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Boys Like Girls

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Need Tickets [Fri Jul 11, 2008. 12:23AM]
Okay, I'll spare the sob story and caught straight to the chase.
I need TWO tickets to the Seattle Soundtrack of Your Summer tour.
I bought mine last month, my friends didn't buy theirs yet.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. We will drive to wherever the ticket is and are willing to pay almost any price. Even if you just have one. Anything will help.
Please call/text anytime: 425.359.9129

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NYC! [Fri Jul 11, 2008. 3:16AM]
I already got my tickets for the Soundtrack Of Your Summer tour but my friend didn't.

I tried to check this morning on Ticketmaster for him but I got a screen saying tickets were unavailable.

Does anyone know if the August 12th show at Roseland Ballroom is sold out?
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