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Boys Like Girls -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
Boys Like Girls

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Meet&Greet [Tue Jul 15, 2008. 12:25PM]
Hey guys, I won a meet and greet for the BLG tour. I have never been to a meet and greet, and this may sound stupid, but I was wondering what to expect and how long it would be. I'm super excited! Thanks...
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2 questions [Tue Jul 15, 2008. 8:47PM]
- does anybody have the set list of the current syos tour ?
- is there only meet & greet or are they actually coming out after their set ?

thanks :)
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Seattle private performance audio [Tue Jul 15, 2008. 11:32PM]
106.1 Kiss FM did a private performance with all three bands before their show in Seattle yesterday. They posted the audio file on their website this morning.

BLG acoustic performance mp3

Includes: Hero, Thunder, & The Great Escape

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