July 16th, 2008

Poolie (:

Hey, I'm Emmy, & I'm new to live journal . I obviously am a Boys like girls fan . and I'm so glad i found this community <3
so, i just saw the cosmo girl confessions video and Paul's expressions are just so amazing so i wanted to create some kinda icon but the file is too big to add it as a display pic on here =/ and if i shrink the file size, the quality gets worse. I mean, its not the clearest thing but ehh, its okk.
tell me what you think.


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BLG Secrets

So I have decided to make another secrets livejournal
so i want you all to come and support and help me get these secrets running
i know there is another one but im going to try and make a new one and get it going 
so go post your secrets and spread the word


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