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Boys Like Girls -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
Boys Like Girls

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soundtrack of your summer SoCal [Sat Jul 26, 2008. 1:58PM]
I went to the shows in Anaheim, LA, and San Diego and I had meet&greets for all 3 but I was dumb and missed the first meet&greet for Jonas Brothers on FN MTV. Don't ask. I regret missing the Anaheim meet&greet so much. Anyways, they put on a good show but why couldn't they add in an extra song, like a cover or something

Is anyone going to a future date of SOYS who wouldn't mind getting me the black hoodie with the pink writing on it? I'll send the money along with S&H. please!

&anyone wanna tell me how to lj-cut it? sorry if it slows down your server!
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any know or hear anything ... [Sat Jul 26, 2008. 11:42PM]
about Martin being sick and not being able to perform?
according to the maine's blog on myspace benji and joel filled in for him?

anyone know how long that's going to be happening or hear anything about Martin being sick?

EDIT: my friend talked to Martin and he's sick but he'll be fine. so yeah. don't worry. and he should be singing again for the Florida shows that start Tuesday.
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