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Boys Like Girls

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Pictures from Six Flags Over Georgia [Wed Jul 30, 2008. 1:22PM]
Hey, I realize this is a few days late but I have some of my pictures from the show Sunday with Metro Station at Six Flags Over Georgia.
You can check them out below.


Also, it'd be awesome if you all could add my photography myspace!

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Tickets for Poughkeepsie 8/17/08 [Wed Jul 30, 2008. 5:36PM]
I have four tickets for the show in Poughkeepsie, NY on August 17th. $25 each. Email me at alannamunz at gmail.com if you're interested.
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[Wed Jul 30, 2008. 6:49PM]
So, I won two tickets to SOYS for the Detroit date (8/7) off the local radio station.  They are balcony seats, and I would prefer to have floor. This is probably a long shot, but if anyone would like to trade me two floor tickets for two balcony seats email me at emailtaionline@yahoo.com or IM me on aim @ thefeverr.  I was thinking maybe someone's parents might be going and not really want floor or something and would prefer to have the balcony seats, idk.  It was worth a try. thanks =)
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set list. [Wed Jul 30, 2008. 7:50PM]
does anyone have the set list of the soys tour ?
of BLG but also the maine and metro station pleasee.
thanks (:
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[Wed Jul 30, 2008. 8:43PM]
[ mood | curious ]

I apologize if this has already been asked. Does anyone have any pictures of the merch for the tour for all bands? Also, in what order do they play? Thanks so much.

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