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Boys Like Girls -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
Boys Like Girls

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VMAS [Mon Aug 11, 2008. 2:46AM]
[ mood | hyper ]

So i really love the video for thunder and i really think it needs to get nominated.
so i think we should all go  and vote for it a dozen times.
And plus john said in a blog he wanted to get nominated
i guess we could make it a "birthday present"
ahh i just think that video really needs to get noticed
its just soo amazing

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TRL tomorrow! [Mon Aug 11, 2008. 7:27PM]
[ mood | dorky ]

So I was checking the TRL schedule for the JB week, and stumbled across this. I don't think it's been posted here soooo...

Jonas Brothers Fan Week continues as Nick, Joe and Kevin co-host the show! Plus, Boys Like Girls bring the "Thunder" when they perform live, and Perez Hilton stops by to dish all the hottest celeb gossip.

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[Mon Aug 11, 2008. 7:56PM]


I was just wondering if anyone's going to the Boys Like Girls concert at the Roseland Ballroom, NYC on the 12th of August?

I have an extra ticket. My cousin decided to bail on me the last minute. So if you would like to go with me please reply. I only have one extra ticket.
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