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Boys Like Girls

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BLG @ Hofstra University [Fri Sep 19, 2008. 6:47PM]
  Hi, i know that some of you were wondering about tickets and stuff for the show at Hofstra on October Fourth. I emailed Hofstra about it and they replied,

"If you are not a student you can still purchase tickets, they are $15 each.  We will be selling tickets again on Monday at 9am in our student center and in the Playhouse on campus (where the concert will be taking place).  If you want to be on the floor in the center then head to the student center first thing Monday because we have a limited amount of tickets left.  If you want to be in the balcony (which is still a good view) then you can come to the Hofstra Concerts table in our student center and get tickets from us.  If you have any questions you can call our office at 516.463.6967


Hofstra Concerts
212 Student Center
200 Hofstra University
Hempstead, New York 11549

Phone: 516-463-6967
Fax: 516-463-6979 "

NOW IVE JUST GOT A FIGURE OUT HOW TO GET THERE AT 9AM ON MONDAY WHEN IVE GOT SCHOOL =[ I wish they would just sell it online or something -_-
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