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Boys Like Girls

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MTVu Woodie Awards! [Thu Oct 2, 2008. 2:48PM]
 Bryan posted a bulletin on myspace:

"this year,​ we are prese​nting​ the break​ing woodi​e.​ 
the award​ we won last year.​
so im askin​g you guys to vote for eithe​r:​

there​ for tomor​row
we the kings​
or all time low.

it would​ be the best feeli​ng in the world​ to pass the award​ on to our best frien​ds in any one of these​ bands​!​!​!​
lets keep it in the famil​y.​"

Yay (: cant wait for that.
ahhha, and just because i felt like posting, even though you've probably seen it a billion times already:

2 minutes to midnight | make the great escape

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