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Boys Like Girls -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
Boys Like Girls

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[Wed Dec 3, 2008. 9:09AM]
wondering if anyone could rip the With You cover and post the link here. thanks if you can!
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[Wed Dec 3, 2008. 2:18PM]

Martin was earlier answering questions over at fueled_bygossip. I asked him why they have two hero/heroine videos which he replied back too. If you want, you can ask him a question, he'll probably reply.

edit: Photobucket

I only said fueled_bygossip so he would know what I was talking about
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BBC Live Lounge mp3s [Wed Dec 3, 2008. 3:33PM]
BBC Live Lounge
01 - Thunder (Live Acoustic)
02 - With You (I Need You Boo) [Chris Brown Cover]

Password: bsidesrus


these were ripped and uploaded by bsidesrus.blogspot.com. they have some other BLG tracks on the site plus stuff from lots of other bands.
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