December 17th, 2008

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hey guys! so i just updated my lj with a post that had a bunch of boys like girls photos in it from the fall out boy tour over here in the UK a month or two back. thought you might fancy a look, innit :) the post is below! ta ra.. xxxx
fuckkk... i really don't recommend carrying car batteries around the place with you! if i'd realised how heavy it was i would've got a taxi hahah. upside though, my car lives again! the first time it's worked in 6 months, though i'm sure it'll implode or something when i take it for a 'test drive' tomorrow.. poor baby is nearly 30 now!

anyway! i'm home. coldplay tour is done. allll my touring for the year is done. i'm very excited to spend some time at home and to finally get a chance to complete halo 3 (i really haven't had the time, i'm not like rubbish or nuffink) and sleep in my bed. i bid farewell to eugene francis jnr and his juniors after the show at the O2 arena a couple of days back and i'm now bandless for a whole 3 days until the automatic's xmas show at the weekend in birmingham.

what have i been doing with this new found time you might ask? well, besides turning up at my office for what has to be only the 3rd time since last christmas, i've gotten round to editing some of the gigabytes of photos that i've taken in the last 6 months and not had time to put online. first up is boys like girls from when they supported fall out boy at wembley in october. i did actually delay going on tour for a day so i could see the fall out boy show (don't try it, i know you love them too) and seeing as how i was already there singing along to the hits, i thought i'd take my camera. (obviously not to shoot fall out boy though innit, as i was there for the fun!)

so yes, boys like girls. wembley arena. photos.
you can click here to get the whole set on my website too...
(lots more of everyone else in the world coming very soon!)

ps. warped tour dates are out! i think i'd pretty much quite like to do it again. who needs a tour manager or photographer for it hey?!? hahah...

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